Wheels of Fury is the 18th episode in Season 2 of Hulk and the agents of SMASH.

Wheels of Fury
Production details
Season 2
Original Airdate March 29, 2015
Directed by Dan Fausett
Written by Henry Gilroy
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The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. attempt to help Iron Man subdue his gaming A.I. creation Mainframe in a gladiatorial roller derby game for the fate of the planet, but are faced with a challenge when they discover only She-Hulk knows how to skate.



  • No one in the game plays the position of pivot in roller derby (distinguished by having a colored stripe on the pivot's helmet). Additionally, the jammer stars are directly applied to She-Hulk's helmet, whereas in the actual game both the jammer stars and the pivot stripe are applied by means of a colored helmet cover, colloquially referred to as a panty.