Leader Dracula
Notable Members Dracula, Blade
Goal World Conquest
Location Transylvania
Production details
First appearance The Hulking Commandos

History Edit

The Hulking CommandosEdit

Blade of the Howling Commandos is a human-vampire hybrid with all the strengths but none of the weaknesses of a traditional vampire, Blade has dedicated his life to destroying the occult world of vampires and all who associate with them.

Days of Future Smash, Part 3 - DraculaEdit

When Hulk follows Leader to London in 1890 during the Victorian era, Leader plans to ally himself with Dracula as his train starts to arrive near Hulk and Leader. Dracula even thought that Hulk was another one of Dr. Frankenstein's creations as he unleashes his vampires on him. Leader persuades Dracula not to bite him in exchange that he provides him with a way that would keep the sun from harming him. Upon befriending Frankenstein's Monster, Hulk discovers that Dracula has trapped Werewolf by Night's grandfather and N'Kantu, the Living Mummy who won't serve Dracula. Leader creates the Gamma Furnace that would blanket the Earth in darkness for Dracula to thrive in. When Hulk, Frankenstein's Monster, Werewolf by Night's grandfather, and N'Kantu arrive, Dracula hypnotizes Leader into activating the Gamma Furnace. While in his train, Dracula has Leader activate the Gamma Furnace there and invent a version of the vampire strain that affects gamma-powered characters. The result of Hulk being converted into a vampire causes a present day where vampires have taken over the world with their Gamma Furnace and that Vampire Hulk had already did away with Dracula and Leader. Upon Hulk burning out the virus by doing a thunder clap towards the sky, Dracula is tossed into the sunlight causing him to disappear into the sun to avoid being vanquished and Leader to escape to the next time period upon the vampire-dominated present being rewritten.


References Edit

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