I'm new here and just want to say I'm a big fan of this show, it's a shame that it's gone but there are things I want to talk about like if they made this again only different, here's what I want if I could ever somehow write for this show

-More Skaar, come on he's an interesting character that should've gotten a 4-7 episode arc detailing his past only with a twist, x-men exist in this universe. That and he's just so funny.

-Long arcs for all the characters. 

-The web show thing could've been pretty interesting, it should happen again next time.

-After Skaar's arc how about cute father son moments for Skaar/Micheal/Bruce/Hulk, they can even mix it up like have Micheal interact with both Bruce and Hulk then have Skaar interact with Bruce and Hulk.

-Most importantly, Skaar and Thor vs Hiro (Skaar's brother) and Loki, it should've happened and would've been funny to see them interact like Skaar punches Loki, Thor punches Hiro, then the siblings would've talked to each other about their siblings during the fight, it would've been awesome!

What do you guys think should happen next time.

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