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Agents of Smash

Skaar is a teenage barbarian Hulk and the most mysterious member of S.M.A.S.H., as his origins were only revealed later on in the series as Hulk's son. So Skaar recently works for the leader to find out his mysterious past that may or may not involve the Hulk, Skaar shares similar characteristics such them being similar to the Hulk.


Skaar was sent through a dimensional portal, by Annihilus, to battle and defeat the Hulk. During an intense fight between the two, Red shows up and renders Skaar temporarily unconscious with a large missile, and he is then carried back to Hulk's Hulkquarters, where they place him inside an anti-gravity holding chamber. he was also a crack head

Unfortunately for S.M.A.S.H. Skaar notices a crack in the chamber and uses a Thunder Clap to break free and steal a gamma powered laser cannon. The cannon is used to stabilize the dimensional portal over Vista Verde, effectively allowing Annihilus to send through an army of bugs and begin his invasion of Earth. As Hulk and Red try to fight the insects, and hold off the invasion, Rick Jones comes to the rescue with the Sandblaster. When he accidentally overloads its gamma core the resulting explosion destabilises the portal and ruins Annihilus' plans, but not before Skaar and Red are carried through the closing portal and into the Negative Zone.


Skaar has a big, "weapon crush" on swords, his preferred weapon of usage most of the time, if not using his whip, or fighting skills that he is trained in, probably from wherever he came from. His fascination for swords is like Red Hulk's love/fascination for guns and projectile weapons. Skaars sword used to be his penis but he cut it off with a sword so it could be his sword

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is a skilled swordsman and has gamma-powered superhuman strength and agility,and durability


Skaar wields a large sword and a laser whip for melee combat. Also he has a metal boomerang from the Red-Hulk-Buster. Then he got a weapon called the Ka-boomerang which is a boomerang that explodes.


  • His planet Sakaar did get mention by The Leader in the episode Red Rover.
  • Skaar's Name is a shortening of Sakaarson.
  • It is revealed in The Skaar whisperer that Skaar used to chase the mail man.
  • That Skaar is actually hulk's son? His mother is an extraterestrial called Caiera.



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