Of Moles and Men
Mole Man
Production details
Season 1
Original Airdate October 27, 2013
Directed by Dan Fausett
Written by Steven Melching
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Hulk's best pal Rick Jones begins making a web-series to show the world Hulk is a hero and Big Green gets his first chance to prove it when Annihilus invades Earth!


Mole Man was ridiculed for his Hollow Earth theories when he moved to Subterranea and his history with the Fantastic Four is mentioned as well. Hulk encounters Mole Man where they have been captured by the giant Larvae-Beasts. A-Bomb comes to their aid where they discover that the Larvae-Beast eggs were placed upon a floor with lava underneath for incubation. Mole Man also informs them that they will also have to deal with the Queen Larvae-Beast before any more of the Larvae-Beasts can make it to the surface. Mole Man uses the Moloids to help fight the Queen Larvae-Beast. After the Queen Larvae-Beasts are defeated, Mole Man and the Moloids return to Subterranea.


  • The title refers to John Steinbeck's book Of Mice and Men.