King Sauron
King Sauron
Vital statistics
Real name King Sauron
Species Dinosaur
Physical description
Gender Male
Powers and abilities
Production details
First appearance Days of Future Smash, Part 1 - The Dino Era



King Sauron was the ruler of the dinosaur-dominated timeline caused by The Leader. He is served by an Ankylosaurus called General Thunder Lizard Rossasaurus in his plot to exterminate the primitive humans. With help from El Diablo and Spider-Raptor, the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. freed the primitive humans and overthrew King Sauron which ended with him falling into a pit of giant spiders. After Hulk thwarted Leader's plans in the Mesozoic era, the dinosaur-dominated timeline shifted to the next timeline.


Powers and Abilities

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