Leader Blackbolt
Notable Members Medusa, Maximus, Crystal, Lockjaw, Triton, Karnak, Gorgon
Goal To live separate from the human race
Location Attilan
Production details
First appearance Inhuman Nature



The result of Kree experimentation on primitive humans using Terrigen Mist, which made the subjects physically and mentally superhuman, along with giving each individual subject a unique power. The Inhumans are a race of super powered beings who live in isolation and do not trust humans.

Inhuman Nature

A-Bomb's crush on a mysterious girl named Crystal leads the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. to the secret home of Attilan the Inhumans, an isolationist race that keeps themselves cut off from mankind. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. even take action when Maximus the Mad makes plans to annihilate mankind.


  • Black Bolt- the leader and king, he doesn't speak and only says one thing as a last resort because if he speaks a wave of energy will destroy a whole town in a 50 mile radius. He only uses nods and waves to respond.
  • Maximus- 2nd in command and adviser, all he wants is to not make peace with the humans and fills Kings head with lies.
  • Gorgon- half human, half Minotaur the strength and muscle.
  • Karnak - he finds a weapon's true weakness such as Red's gun
  • Medusa- Black Bolt's wife with hair that moves like arm at will.
  • Triton- A sea creature. He moves really fast and is pretty strong, he can also swim or breathe underwater.
  • Lockjaw- The Inhuman's dog and main source of teleportation.
  • Crystal- Rick's love interest and also an elemental.