Leader Abomination
Notable Members Red Hulk
Goal Destruction of the Hulk
Location Mobile
Production details
First appearance Doorway to Destruction, Part 1

The Hulkbusters were a large joint task force consisting of both U.S. Army and Air Force personnel, whose primary purpose was to capture or if necessary, destroy the Hulk. Their headquarters was the Hulkbuster Base in New Mexico, resembling a peace sign also known as Gamma Base, after it was damaged by the Hulk, and they were commanded by General "Thunderbolt" Ross.



Emil Blonsky, who served under General Ross' command as a soldier when they attempted to capture the Hulk and harness his power. Ross then came up with a project to use gamma radiation to combat against the Hulk and Blonsky volunteered himself, thus he was made a gamma powered monster called the Abomination to fight and capture the Hulk. However, the Hulk manages to defeat Abomination before escaping, and this left Abomination extremely furious, making him go on a rampage in a city, which almost killed hundreds of citizens. Because of this horrible atrocity, Ross and his unit were forced to capture Abomination, seeing that he is a more dangerous threat than the Hulk would ever become. The project was shut down and Ross gets his unit to put Abomination in a cryogenic containment pod and dump him at the bottom of the ocean, hoping that it will be the last of him.


Abomination gains command of the Hulkbusters after he was pardoned and reinstated into the U.S. Army. Abomination used Hulkbuster Armor to take over Vista Verde. When the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. return, they end up having to fight Abomination and the Hulkbusters. After the Gamma Hammer that came under Abomination's control is destroyed by Hulk, the rest of the Hulkbusters were destroyed by A-Bomb, She-Hulk, and Skaar.


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