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Vital statistics
Real name Bruce Banner
Alias(s) The Hulk
Species Mutated Human
Age 30's or 40's (Human)
Status Alive
Location Vista Verde
Physical description
Gender Male
Weight 128 lbs (58 kg) as Human, 1150 lbs (521 kg) as The Hulk
Speed 600 mph
Strength Unlimited
Height 5'9" as Human, 8'7" as The Hulk
Hair color Black (Hulk) Brown (human form)
Eye color Green (Hulk) Blue (As Bruce Banner)
Relatives She-Hulk (Cousin)
Mentor None
Affiliation S.M.A.S.H.
Powers and abilities
Powers Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Stamina

Weaknesses None
Weapons His fists

Gamma Blaster

Production details
First appearance Doorway To Destruction
Voiced by Fred Tatasciore
Hulk is one of the main protagonists of the series and the leader of S.M.A.S.H.. This time he is portrayed much more articulate than in previous incarnations.[1]Instead of talking in the third person, he acts more like his real self, Bruce Banner, Banner probably has a lot more control of Hulk in this incarnation. He is more serious and patient.


Hulk resides in an underground military bunker as a base of operation, just outside of Vista Verde.


The Hulk is the biggest, strongest, smashing-est hero in the Marvel Universe - the green glue that holds his crazy family-like team together. He is a member of the Avengers, but when he is not in the Avengers sometimes, he would spend time with his own team.

Hulk loves saving the world by smashing every alien, sea creature, and planet (literally) that tries to destroy it. He is the star of his best bud A-Bomb's web series, and just wants to show people his good intentions!

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hulk has gamma-powered superhuman strength, which makes him one of the most powerful heroes on the planet. Due to his rage, the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Hulk can jump miles in a single bound, has enhanced speed and superhuman strength. He also possesses nigh-invunerability & a superhuman stamina along with adaptive-powers & a rapid healing factor. .......


He has the Gamma Blaster which is a band that can shoot gamma blasts and maximize the force of Hulk's blows.  hulk is able to destroy any object in sight with his super lava vision. the lava vision can only be used once a round though so use it wisely.



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