High Evolutionary
High Evolutionary
Vital statistics
Real name Herbert Edgar Wyndham
Species Human (Enhanced)
Location Mobile
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation Ani-Men
Powers and abilities
Powers Superhuman intelligence, Telepathy, telekinesis, precognition & cosmic awareness, Vast matter & energy manipulation abilities, Wears a sentient superhumanly durable armor capable of regeneration
Production details
First appearance Future Shock
Voiced by Corey Burton



At some point in the future, a gamma meteor struck Earth when the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. weren't around. This caused humanity to regress back to the primitive times until the High Evolutionary was able to be their salvation by turning them into Ani-Men. When the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. arrived in this time upon Leader tricking Skaar into going into a temporal distortion wormhole, they end up attacked by some Lizard Men until the High Evolutionary arrived where he explained what happened to Earth. Afterwards, the High Evolutionary traps Hulk in an energy cage and devolves A-Bomb, Red Hulk, and She-Hulk. The High Evolutionary retreats with Hulk upon finding that Skaar can't be devolved. Upon some advice from Leader (who is trapped on bathroom duty after he tricked Skaar), Skaar leads his devolved teammates into finding the High Evolutionary's lair. At his lair, the High Evolutionary uses his Evolution Chamber to evolve Hulk into an appearance that makes him smarter and have bat-like wings. When Skaar and his devolved teammates attack the High Evolutionary's lair, Evolved Hulk turns on the High Evolutionary stating that he would be superior to the High Evolutionary. Skaar and Evolved Hulk fought the High Evolutionary after Skaar had evolved Red Hulk in the evolution chamber. After A-Bomb and She-Hulk are evolved, the High Evolutionary devolved Hulk back to his original state. Skaar ends up destroying the High Evolutionary's staff where it's power regresses the High Evolutionary as a baby which ends up in the care of the arriving Lizard Men. The Agents of S.M.A.S.H. then return to their own time to make sure that they get back to Earth and prevent the gamma meteor from impacting Earth.

Powers and Abilities


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