The first Adventure of Black Smash & The Smashers Of The Galixy   Tommy Walters was a scientist that worked at the army making powerfull rays.Such as gamma bombs,and guns.But one day when they were testing the gamma bomb ,Tom saved some guy named Logan Cook, but Tommy exploded with the bomb. which turned him into a black hulk he was able to control him self months later he took over the old military base which looked like a volcanoe so others can't get in but logan was a friend of black smash so they were best friends.Years later the genral who was in used to be incarge of tommy leaped in as a red hulk and they asked what are you doing here trying to destroy black smash? he responded no i'm on your side the army patraded me since I axcidently tured on of the agents named Morgan Field. He also said my name is not genral  Jounior Esa my name is now Red-X.later that day logan turned himself into a hulk buy having the gamma ray explode. Then he took the jet and jumped out and crashed into a blue hulk who can roll into a spikey ball go invisable and can jump hi he is also super strong.he called himself A-bombable
Dark Hulk
Red Hulk is shooting Skaar-Venom
A Bomb chilling

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